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NAACP Fundraising Event At The Avenue in Pottstown, PA. For more information click on the link.

NAACP Breakfast Fundraiser 2019 - Event Over

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Bring family and friends to support the Pottstown NAACP as we further our mission in the Pottstown area and beyond...

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Pine Forge Academy Open House 2019

About Pine Forge Academy


The campus resides on the historical property once owned by Thomas  Rutter, an abolitionist iron miller, which was deeded to him by William  Penn in the early 1700’s. Several of the original buildings still remain  on the campus including the Manor House in which it is said that George  Washington once rested. Additionally, the property was used during the  closing days of slavery as a terminal for the Underground Railroad.  These sites have been designated as official projects of Save America’s  Treasures and are listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

In the 1940s, Elder John H. Wagner, Sr., former President of  Allegheny Conference of Seventh-day Adventists, envisioned a boarding  school in the North where African-American high school students could  attend without the racial issues of schools in the South. News spread  that 575 acres of land near Pottstown, Pennsylvania was for sale.  President Wagner, a small entourage of preachers, and Dr. Grace  Kimbrough visited the Rutter Estate. Immediately upon seeing the  property, they knew their prayers had been answered. After a unanimous  vote, it was clear that they had found the site for the school in the  North. The 575-acre Rutter Estate was purchased for $46,000. The  boarding school would first be called Pine Forge Institute. It opened  its doors on September 9, 1946 with its 90 pioneer students.

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Excellence is No Accident


Teen Employment Training



Dear Community Member,

On behalf of Better Tomorrows Staff and The NAACP we would like your participation for our 1st Annual two day collaborative Teen Career Preparation and Career Fair on , May 22, and May 23rd.  The event will be located in the Rolling Hills Community Room. 

Why participate and what will I do at the career fair?



Dear Community Member,

Why participate and what will I do at the Rolling Hills Career Fair?

Attending a career fair gives you the chance to talk face-to-face with future employers and share potential career paths they might otherwise not know about.   

The Career Fair offers students an opportunity to learn more about interview strategies, dressing for success, and maintaining employment.

We hope you will take advantage of this opportunity to learn new skill and interview with employers making your chance to become employable a success.  Please RSVP by Friday, May 19th, 2019, by emailing your completed sign-up form to cessely.nixon@bettertomorrows.org,  morwayne1@verizon.net.

Day Of Action- 100% Fair Funding For Our Schools


Day of Action in Harrisburg, June 12 @ 12:00PM. Contact Nathan Sooy for more information at 717-585-2700


The Situation:

Today, while some Pennsylvania  students go to public schools that are among the best in the nation, too  many of our students lack access to quality education. This inequity is  caused in great part by inadequate state funding, which covers only 35%  of total costs (compared to 50% on average in states around the  country). This leaves local districts to make up the rest and places  low-income districts at a disadvantage.

Further, research conducted by POWER  has revealed deep and persistent racial disparities in the way the  state’s Basic Education Funding is distributed to the 500 school  districts across Pennsylvania.  A Fair Funding Formula passed in 2016  was a small step in the right direction, but this only affected a sliver  of total education spending in the state. In 2017-18, on average,  districts with significant numbers of children of color continue to  receive $2,100 per student less than their fair share according to the  formula, while predominantly white districts receive $2,100 more than  their fair share. Too many of our state legislators do not acknowledge  this issue, refusing to take steps towards creating a more just system. 


Children's Holiday Party 2018


NAACP Presenting a check to the children's holiday 

President Corson & Bishop Debnam


Jonny Corson elected President 2019

Informational Power Workshop


Fight for 100% Fair Funding for our youth. Visit our news page.

For more information contact:

Ms. Marlene Armato